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Observium 0.14.4

Sun, 06 Apr 2014 03:41:49 -0500 » Nerd Projects, Networking, ISP, System Administration

I just noticed that Observium released a new Community Edition release (0.14.4) on April 1. The changes (and additions!!!) mentioned in the CHANGELOG are numerous, and include several security fixes – including for an SQL injection so it is important to upgrade your installation right away, especially if your installation is public-facing.

Upgrading, as always, is simple. Backup your installation, and then unpack the new files over the old ones

cd /opt
cp -r observium observium.bak
tar xzf observium-community-0.14.4.tar.gz
cd observium
./discovery.php -h none

** Update several hours later **: I’ve been playing with observium for many hours now, sooo many things are fixed, improved, clearer, etc now. One of the things I am now using is the Description Parser, to label ports as Customer, Transit, Peering, Core, or Server. This also makes aggregate Transit, Peering, and Transit+Peering graphs! I have long missed my aggregate graphs from cacti, and this was available to use the whole time!

** Update several more hours later **: The most recent release is 0.14.4p1 (6th April 2014)

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